What is Reiki?

Reiki is energy healing. A reiki practitioner channels pure energy (ki or chi or Universal Life Force Energy) through their hands allowing the body to heal naturally. This healing energy flows where it is most needed to release blocked energy or tensions and restore balance. And when there is balance, you feel more at ease—less stressed, more energized, healthier and happier.

Reiki is gentle, and yet powerful. Healing occurs at different levels – body, mind, emotions and spirit—treating you as a whole. You may come for knee pain and leave with an insight about your job or relationship or release old emotional patterns that don’t serve you anymore. Whatever healing is taking place, clients usually leave feeling relaxed, with a feeling of peace and well-being.

  • If you have a medical condition or suffering from chronic pain, having surgery or other health treatment, Reiki can help reduce pain and assist in the healing process.
  • If you feel emotionally overwhelmed or going through a difficult time, Reiki can help process and release emotions.
  • If you want to change your life but don’t know how, if you feel ‘stuck’, unable to address challenges or cope with a situation, Reiki can help see more clearly, connect with your higher self and your true desires.
  • If you want to heal some past traumas or blockages preventing you from living a happy life, Reiki can help heal those traumas and move on.
  • And if you are simply tired, stressed or anxious, or have trouble sleeping, Reiki will help you feel relaxed, more calm and serene.


Reiki is for everyone – sick people, healthy people, children, animals, plants, you name it. And better yet: everyone can learn Reiki and practice on themselves or others. Check here how you can learn Reiki.

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